Farm Pages: Planting and Planning – February 2001

Today, the first day of February, the boys were off of school (closed for a flu epidemic). Since we have all escaped with little more than the sniffles, we spent the day outside – accomplishing beautification and utilitarian tasks.

We planted our hill with daffodils, Dutch iris and crocus. Around the trailer we planted grape hyacinths, Dutch iris and Giant Purple Majesty bearded iris. All told we have put over 650 bulbs in the ground today!! Some of the flowers on the property to date came from my Mamaw’s garden (some of the grape hyacinths) and my aunt’s generous gift of wild flower and domestic seeds (which I sowed one day last fall in between construction projects).

We also “built” a shelter for the pups today – using concrete block, some excess wood and under-pining material. It’s probably the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, but it will keep them warm and dry and allow them to lounge away their evenings outside. We dedicated a spot by the soon-to-be garden for our compost pile (utilizing more of the excess concrete blocks), and will be germinating seeds for the garden starting next week – once I determine which window I can afford to block with planters. I’m hoping to beat my uncle (who always wins this contest) with the first ripe tomatoes this year.

The garden is going to utilize only heirloom seeds, so I can learn the art of seed saving next fall – and lower my bills by not having to purchase seeds – or at least not many seeds. We shall see if I’m that tenacious, once harvest time comes.

The weather is beautiful today, and we are hoping that it’s not too late to get blooms from our flowers THIS growing season. The entire place should be alive with purple and yellow several weeks this year, if we got them out soon enough.

Earlier, when the time would have been “prime” for flower planting, we were “planting” water and electric lines instead… it seemed more important at the time.