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Lower Price on Treo 650 – and Bonus Accessories Offered by Palm

Palm is offering the Treo 650 at a lower price and throwing in some accessories to sweeten the pot (for a limited time only). So, if you are weighing out “Do I want a Treo 700 or do I want a Treo 650?” this might help to make that difficult decision. On a personal note, the charger offered as the freebie is the one I use every day (and the best one on the market, IMHO, because it has the built-in charger for the extra battery). They also throw in some extra screen savers (always nice) and a case (but not one I’d use for my own Treo, because there’s no protection to the screen) and a car charger (I use my own Boxwave version — the VersaCharger — constantly, but this one from Palm would be nice also — especially as a free bonus).

Treo Essentials: A Favorite Product Gets An Upgrade – New eWallet from Illiumsoft Now Available

Although I don’t use my Treo for everything like I once did… (I know I can, if it’s needed, but I don’t make a habit of trying to run my entire business from my phone)… I still rely on it for many “above and beyond” functions. Among those functions that I use on a “many times a day” basis, is the eWallet. I have both the desktop and the Palm version and I swear by them. In fact, when I met with a client for all-day consulting session on Saturday, the use of a password wallet came up. She said that she just set all her passwords the same, to keep it easy to remember… being the security freak that I am, I pitched a mini-fit!

I told her that keeping things secure is something that is required in our modern, digital world… and that being able to look up those little bits of information was essential…

Satellite Radio (XM) For the Treo 700

Good news for those of you addicted to your satellite radio subscription… who have purchased the new Treo 700.

You can now have your cake and eat it too!