Mrs. Betty’s Country Cooking is Better than OK

Betty's OK Country Cooking in Corbin, Kentucky

A treasure is sparkling just outside of Corbin, in Columbia, Kentucky. It’s a little country eatery called “Betty’s OK Country Cooking” and the food there… well, it’s just amazing!

When we discovered it, on a Saturday afternoon, we were looking for someplace interesting, different, and local for dinner. We hit the jackpot! Continue reading

Tales from Traffic School

Tales from Traffic SchoolShare my shame. Yep, busted for speeding. But, despite what my instructor said, some people really do NOT know they are speeding. When you come off a 70 mph strip and are going 68, you don’t worry about speeding… even if the speed drops to 55. I swear I never saw a sign. When I saw the blue lights, I instinctively checked and my gauge read 68, so I had no idea why I was being pulled over. I was actually surprised my little truck was able to go that fast. He strains, he really does.

Oh well, I digress.

The story I’m going to tell is a two-parter. One part is funny. The other part is sad. Let’s get rid of the sad part first… Continue reading

Why EVERYONE Should Know SEO Basics

Know-Basic-SEOI had an interesting comment awaiting my approval here on WickedBlog this morning. Someone from the Danville School System (in, what I can only assume is an attempt to counter the bad publicity from a photo and short blog I posted wayyyyy back in 2006 on the Toliver Elementary School) added a comment on that very blog post.

The original post used a photo of the school’s marquee with two misspelled words on it. I posted it because having that displayed at my old elementary school distressed me. I often blog about things that distress me — especially when it has to do with the education system.

Good Comment Content… However…

The new comment gave great PR for a recent academic achievement for the school, and I approved the comment. I know what the school representative was hoping to accomplish, unfortunately, that’s not the way SEO works. Continue reading

Preparing for taxes…now

I’m working on getting all my ducks in a row, now… before December 31st. I’ve taken the opportunity to do so while I’m feeling all “under the weather” lately. I had to do something to help me feel better (and when I’m sick, even taxes don’t really make me feel any worse!)

I’m making sure I have copies of all my receipts and am organizing all my invoices and proofs of payment. I’m getting all those notes with mileage pulled together in one place (yeah, I know I should have KEPT them more organized, but I didn’t). Oh well.

It is my hope, that on January 2nd, I’ll be able to stick my taxes in the mail. Yeah, I really know how to party! I really know how to ring in the New Year. Whoo-Hooo!

But, by starting now, I’ve got a goal that will actually reduce my stress at the beginning of the year instead of postponing it. I despise the paperwork and the hassle… but I’m really excited about making it end early this year… err… next year.