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DanvilleComputerDoc.com: SEO Marketing, Custom Websites, and Computer Repair in Danville KY 40422

On June 18, 2013, I joined my partner Steve Knight as he opened DanvilleComputerDoc.com on Third Street in my hometown of Danville, Kentucky.

Geek Stuff: His, Mine, and Ours

So, WickedBlog has been a little quiet over the past month as we made the decision to find, secure, furnish, and equip this brick and mortar office space. After years of being mobile and using only a home office, I’ll now be doing some of my work in a traditional office setting with Steve.(Talk about a change of pace!)

Steve has been working on computer hardware, programming, and running home and small business networks for over 30 years. He’s been doing professional videography since 2004 and uses those skills to help clients provide streaming video and live event feeds for their online audiences.

As my regular readers probably already know, I’ve been a tech-enamored independent small business marketing consultant and web content writer since 1999. My business, WickedWriter.com began in Dunnville, Kentucky (Casey County) and has served clients in 28 states across the United States and international clients in Asia, Canada, Spain, Bermuda, and the UK. Continue reading

Merging Multiple iTunes Libraries Using a Mac

Making a single itunes library from many a simple processDigitally, I have cleaned up my act with two GLARING exceptions: Multi-Media and Photos.

For years I’ve had multiple iTunes libraries, backed up from multiple machines on multiple external drives. Basically, it’s been such a mess that I quit using iTunes and all my media contained therein. I could never find what I wanted, but I found what I didn’t want multiplied with duplicate copies. Grrrrr…

I’ve used iTunes for many years, and let’s just admit that the first attempts at music management were less than perfect — especially from the data management side of things for power-users of multiple machines with varied OS systems. I’ve tried to consolidate in the past. The result has always been even more duplication and additional itunes folders. With that said, I’ll also have to admit that it’s dramatically improved since I first looked at iTunes with a critical eye. So, I decided to tackle one of my remaining behemoths… my iTunes media files, folders, podcasts, music, movies, TV series, audiobooks and whatnot.

It took a great deal of time, but I transferred all the iTunes libraries over to one external drive (with the exception of the library on the machine I was using to do the cleanup — which was my iMac). I had nearly three terabytes of iTunes stuff in duplicate, triplicate and so forth. Yep, you read that right… TERABYTES. I used a three terabyte drive with two terabytes of iTunes stuff on it and ignored (initially) nearly another terabyte on my iMac’s hard drive. Continue reading

iMarriage: When people let you down, objectify your love


I must admit I’m absolutely floored by this concept, but apparently it’s not that new. Sure, I say I love my iPhone and my iPad and my MacBook — I’ve said the same about some other gadgets throughout the years. But, I have ALWAYS meant it in a purely platonic way. I swear.

Apparently, others have a much deeper relationship with their things.  People known as “objectophiles” or “objectum sexuals” believe in reciprocal loving, sexual relationships with inanimate objects. Go figure.

(I’m sure this would complicate the whole simplicity thing and make jettisoning your stuff more difficult.) It will make me look at those with pack-rat issues in a whole new light — whether I want to or not!

And now there is a website to actually MARRY your iDevices. And a petition to sign to make the vows legal in all 50 states.

Let me just say… uh… NO.

Save iPhone SMS and MMS Messages to Your Mac!

I’ve looked for AGES for a way to backup my iPhone — the WHOLE shebang — without transferring my private information to a web-hosted service and then downloading it.

Although there are several options for those with a PC, there are remarkably few for Mac-lovers. After trying several on for size, I found one that I like enough to recommend. I’m sharing to (hopefully) save others hours of research and hunting and trial-and-error to find a working resource.

The name of the product is PhoneView and it’s a $20 investment. It will back up phone messages and recent call history (all great stuff for the small business owner). It also makes your iPhone “searchable” from your Mac, and sets it up to work as a portable disk drive. And — you can grab vCards straight from the iPhone and add them to your master list on your Mac. Nice!

It does NOT require jailbreaking, or altering your iphone in any way, so it’s safe. This is the functionality that Apple SHOULD have built into iTunes, but didn’t.

It works on the iPad too!

So, if you are interested, download their free trail and give it a spin before putting down your hard-earned cash. That’s what I did. ;)

iTunes won’t update Apps!!! iTunes error 400.

For several weeks, I’ve had to update my apps one at a time on my iphones — yes, we have multiples in this house (three) plus an iPod touch. So, manual updates get to be a bit cumbersome.

I’ve been getting an error (without an error number, just so you know, saying there’s no internet connection — which there WAS) along with a second error (400) when I try to update. Error 400 in relation to the iTunes store, BTW, referenced iTunes version 4.8 and is seldom seen now. It would also tell me that the iTunes store was temporarily unavailable and it asked me to try again later. For weeks.

The odd thing was that I can get online and view the iTunes store. I could also buy and download apps, but I couldn’t update any — and I had over 230 that said they need to be updated.

Earlier this week, on Sunday, I spent the entire day — literally over five hours — on the phone with Apple trying to figure this one out before my iPad pre-order arrives and needs access to the iTunes updates too.

We finally gave up when the levels of tech support were exhausted and my issue was sent to “engineering” to resolve it.

Today (on Tuesday) I’m cleaning things off my Mac, and decided to be rid of some programs I no longer need or want. One of them was NetBarrier X5. Since this one had proven to be less than simple to uninstall — it was going to require a bit of research. Some months ago, I simply opened it up so it wasn’t blocking my ports for wireless apps and other programs that I use until I had time to actually get rid of it.

While enjoying my insomnia tonight, I decided to clean this particular little program off my machine. I have to do a web search to determine how to do it. While searching, I actually trip across this article which states that there is some weirdness reported between iTunes store permissions and logins and NetBarrier.

Long story short… removing the NetBarrier (which had to be done by re-downloading the product and then attempting to install and hitting the uninstall instead) and then a reboot and the problem was solved.

Now, I just have to call my support guy back at Apple and let him know what I’ve found so they can document it on their site’s tech support.

And one more huge, bothersome thing to do is off my list…along with the smaller one that caused it.