The HTC One Max: A Wicked Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a month playing with the new Verizon HTC One Max.

HTC One Max from Verizon


I’ve never had a cell phone or ANY mobile device deliver the kind of booming sound this little guy packs. It’s the main thing that made me reach for it instead of my own phablet! Continue reading

Cool Find: New Musical Artist

Perhaps she’s been around awhile (I’ve not done the research), but she’s a recent discovery for me. Her name is Lindsey Stirling. She’s a dancer and a violinist. And, she’s amazing.

Here’s the first video I saw (complements of the Honey Badger, who found her first). In this particular song, she’s joined by Lzzy Hale of Halestorm (whom I adore and have seen in concert SEVERAL times with the Honey Badger.)

This particular video is a work of art, aside from the music and the vocals. Enjoy!

And, if you liked this as much as I did, here’s a nice little 30-minute compilation of other songs by Ms. Stirling:

Check out her other videos as well, most of them are visually STUNNING! (Not to mention beautiful to your ears.)

I’m Seldom Jealous of iPhone Users

Clumsy Ninja Hits Android Market!I don’t really care much for the iPhone. Sure, I loved it when it first came out — when it was cutting edge. I have a soft place in my heart for such things. Always will. But then… it didn’t really improve dramatically. Mostly, it stayed small and caused me to squint.

These days, I’m rockin’ a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — with the pen ubercoolness and the ability to record and share data in any way that turns me on — by long hand writing, with clips to my scrap book, or uploading things I’m researching directly from my phone to my Evernote.

I’m loving it… but I must admit that there was one silly little program that my Apple-wielding son had on his iPhone that made me a little jealous. It was called Clumsy Ninja. Yes, it’s a silly little program, but absolutely adorable. He’s had it for ages and I’ve (im)patiently waited for it to hit the Android in Google Play. I’d all but given up… then today — TA-DA! it arrived.

I’m not a big gamer, but I like having a few little amusements on my phone. I like playing games before bed to wind down from the day. And now… I have Clumsy Ninja!!

It’s free and you can get it here. Go check it out, my Android brethren! :)

Online Gaming: My Unconventional Experiment in Marketing

Online Gaming as an Experiment in MarketingI’ve recently started playing an online game in my *cough* free time. Since I have it on my phone, it happens during those moments I used to spend learning something — reading articles I’d saved, checking email obsessively, and similar pursuits. But, I’m having quite a bit of fun with it and I’m testing out some… are you ready… marketing theories! Continue reading

Time to Make the Doughnuts…

Lately, things have been so hectic that we have been working amazingly long hours. Seriously, I haven’t worked this many hours for this many weeks in a row since I was trying to make my own business launch a decade and a half ago.Mornings (and often evenings) remind me of a commercial from my youth. I quote it going out the door in the morning: “Time to make the doughnuts.”

But, apparently, I’m the only person I know who remembers that particular commercial. Since, during many times in my life from early college years until now, I’ve had the “doughnut making” phases of my life, I thought I’d share it here to help remind those who saw it and have forgotten and to educate those youngsters out there, who haven’t seen it. This, my friends, is life… from time to time. I’m just glad this isn’t life ALL the time, and that it merely becomes like this on occasion… in fits and starts. :)

Right now… life is many things, many GOOD things, but simple and easy isn’t one of them.