Want a Time Machine Function for Windows 7?

Automatically Backup Multiple Versions of Your Files From Hard Drive - For FreeSteve was cruising the tech boards this weekend (as he often does) and he found a great little utility for me. I thought I’d share it with my readers. It’s called DocShield and it’s a free download for Windows OS.

Why It’s Awesome

You can control which documents, files, or folders the program will back up. You can control where it’s backed up, how often, and the size of the back up. And it’s not just limited to backing up on the same drive you use on your computer. You can backup on the cloud, on your own server, on a USB drive or anywhere else via FTP.

Why You Need It

It’s not made to backup your entire system, but it will help you in those cases where you lose a particular version of a document, image or other file. Set this up and it could save you hours when your computer decides to crash when you are putting the finishing touches on that digital masterpiece and the power fails, the OS burps, or the cat jumps up for attention and lands on your power button. And the next time you have multiple versions of that all-important file, the version tracker will help you determine which one is the right one. Ahhhh! That’s nice.

Download DocShield for free now!

Hummingbird, Google, and Your Site’s SEO

Search Engine SEO for ContentAbout a month ago, Google quietly released Hummingbird – a change to the Google search algorithm. Unlike the Panda and Penguin Updates (which only tweaked the existing structure), Hummingbird represents a change to the entire structure of Google’s search engine. The last big change was back in 2010 with the Caffeine release and that was primarily for “a new web indexing system” according to Google’s blog, and was not a variation in the way the search itself performs. Hummingbird IS. Continue reading

Wicked Review of Verizon’s Droid Maxx (Motorola XT-1080M)

Motorola Droid Maxx with Touchless Controls through Google NowQuite fortuitously, I’ve been allowed to play with a shiny new Droid Maxx this week, and I’ve given it the acid test! Below are the things I like, the things I love, and the things I could do without.

Nice Screen, Quick App Response!

I like the extra real-estate on the Maxx, its 5-inch (720 x 1280 pixels, 294 ppi) AMOLED screen offers colors that are crisp and bright even though the Maxx is not full HD like some of the current Android offerings. The touch function is quite responsive and the extra real estate prevents some of the “fat finger” typos and other tech “fails” I have experienced as a result of smaller screens. The built-in keyboard offers an excellent swipe feature. (I had to buy the SwiftKey app for a high quality version of this function on my other android devices, this one is great out-of-package.) Continue reading

Protecting Your Baby: How to Select the Best Laptop Bag

Laptops are getting smaller, lighter, and easier to carry around. So it may be tempting to just drop them down in a largish purse or a tote bag, along with your other necessities and hit the road…

Don’t do that!

Laptops, although a common piece of equipment, are still delicate. They may put up with some abuse, but their tolerance is limited. If you want to protect your laptop and keep it working for you in the future, you should start by selecting the best protection for day-to-day transport. Continue reading

Time to Make the Doughnuts…

Lately, things have been so hectic that we have been working amazingly long hours. Seriously, I haven’t worked this many hours for this many weeks in a row since I was trying to make my own business launch a decade and a half ago.Mornings (and often evenings) remind me of a commercial from my youth. I quote it going out the door in the morning: “Time to make the doughnuts.”

But, apparently, I’m the only person I know who remembers that particular commercial. Since, during many times in my life from early college years until now, I’ve had the “doughnut making” phases of my life, I thought I’d share it here to help remind those who saw it and have forgotten and to educate those youngsters out there, who haven’t seen it. This, my friends, is life… from time to time. I’m just glad this isn’t life ALL the time, and that it merely becomes like this on occasion… in fits and starts. :)

Right now… life is many things, many GOOD things, but simple and easy isn’t one of them.