A Writer’s Wicked Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3Reviews on new tech are a dime a dozen online. But I’m not going to bore you with a slew of sterile specs on this little device. You can look those up all over the web. What I AM going to tell you is that I’ve been waiting for weeks to review this particular device. As a writer, the pen option (not to mention the larger surface/display) had me all excited before I ever saw one up close.

You see, the problem with being a person who loves high tech and “old school” manual things — both at the same time — is usually one of practicality. I may spend longer than necessary trying to make technology work in a way that’s not really suitable — for instance, I may struggle with trying to make an app, my fat finger and a smallish phone screen work (poorly) when what I really need to do is jot down something with a pen and a piece of paper. The problem is, I travel light when possible, and although I always have my cell phone, I seldom have a pen and paper quite so handy these days.

I was looking for something that would bridge the gap between a cell phone, a tablet and a Moleskine journal with a pen. Continue reading

My Mother Quilts

One of my mother's quiltsMy Mother is an anomaly. She makes beautiful quilts by hand — pre-machine style.

She’s not unusual because she quilts… or crochets… Not because she embroidered bluebirds of happiness on my pillowcases when I was a child — and a red heart on my undershirt for Valentine’s Day.

Not because she would celebrate every holiday in grand style…even the “smaller” holidays like George Washington’s Birthday (a holiday most people ignored then and lump into the generic “president’s day” now).

It’s the WAY she does things that makes her unique. Continue reading

An Android Camera Review: The Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy CameraSide view of GalaxyOk, the initial “wow” factor is pretty long-lasting. I love this camera. My 69-year-old mother loves this camera, my 15-year-old daughter loves this camera, and even my professional photographer and videographer boyfriend was impressed (and now wants one!). Verizon has this camera.

I was just thrilled to have the opportunity to play with it and offer a personal review of this new device. Continue reading

Mrs. Betty’s Country Cooking is Better than OK

Betty's OK Country Cooking in Corbin, Kentucky

A treasure is sparkling just outside of Corbin, in Columbia, Kentucky. It’s a little country eatery called “Betty’s OK Country Cooking” and the food there… well, it’s just amazing!

When we discovered it, on a Saturday afternoon, we were looking for someplace interesting, different, and local for dinner. We hit the jackpot! Continue reading

What a Well-Dressed Computer Wears for Halloween

Custom Built Computer in Danville KY 40422My favorite guy, Steve at DanvilleComputerDoc.com, built me a brand new custom machine this week. (Probably because he was tired of hearing a string of colorful obscenities every time I had to wait for a program to load — but I prefer his explanation: That he wanted me to be able to work without frustration). Now, I have a fancy new machine that boots in about three seconds flat — that’s right, from “push the button” to “what do you want to do first?” Three SECONDS flat. :)

What’s it got under the hood? Continue reading