Online Gaming: My Unconventional Experiment in Marketing

Online Gaming as an Experiment in MarketingI’ve recently started playing an online game in my *cough* free time. Since I have it on my phone, it happens during those moments I used to spend learning something — reading articles I’d saved, checking email obsessively, and similar pursuits. But, I’m having quite a bit of fun with it and I’m testing out some… are you ready… marketing theories! Continue reading

Louisville Ky Real Estate Professionals: is For Sale!


Great Domain for Louisville Real Estate AgentIn an attempt to lower the number of domains I currently own, I’m selling one this week over on GoDaddy Auctions:

It’s a great little domain for SEO and only has a single bid (for $101) right now. If you are a real estate agent, brokerage, or builder in the greater Louisville Kentucky area — you may want to pitch your bid into the mix.

But don’t wait — the auction only lasts for 7 days! Thanks for looking!

Hummingbird, Google, and Your Site’s SEO

Search Engine SEO for ContentAbout a month ago, Google quietly released Hummingbird – a change to the Google search algorithm. Unlike the Panda and Penguin Updates (which only tweaked the existing structure), Hummingbird represents a change to the entire structure of Google’s search engine. The last big change was back in 2010 with the Caffeine release and that was primarily for “a new web indexing system” according to Google’s blog, and was not a variation in the way the search itself performs. Hummingbird IS. Continue reading

Computer Repair and Website Development Services Article

Steve was featured in the Business and Technology section of the Danville Advocate Messenger on July 2nd. It was a great article overall!

Danville Kentucky Computer Repair and Web Development Services Announcement

Of course I was listed as being “from” Casey County, while he was listed as being a native of Danville, Kentucky — born and bred.

Yes, I now live in Casey County, Kentucky on my little farm in my little cabin, but that was by choice, not by birth. Since I graduated from Danville High School too, and was also born in the local hospital (Ephraim McDowell), the same as Steve — he gave me crap about being a foreigner. Oh well. At least it amuses him. :)

The article did a great job of articulating our individual work: His work with computer repair services in Central Kentucky and my work developing web content and my copywriting services for clients nationwide. It also covered our mutual work in custom website development and Internet marketing/SEO services which is available to individuals and businesses in our local, central Kentucky region as well as our collaborative work with businesses on each coast and scattered in all states and areas in between.

Thank you, Stephanie Mojica. You did a great job! and Are In Danville, Kentucky! SEO Marketing, Custom Websites, and Computer Repair in Danville KY 40422

On June 18, 2013, I joined my partner Steve Knight as he opened on Third Street in my hometown of Danville, Kentucky.

Geek Stuff: His, Mine, and Ours

So, WickedBlog has been a little quiet over the past month as we made the decision to find, secure, furnish, and equip this brick and mortar office space. After years of being mobile and using only a home office, I’ll now be doing some of my work in a traditional office setting with Steve.(Talk about a change of pace!)

Steve has been working on computer hardware, programming, and running home and small business networks for over 30 years. He’s been doing professional videography since 2004 and uses those skills to help clients provide streaming video and live event feeds for their online audiences.

As my regular readers probably already know, I’ve been a tech-enamored independent small business marketing consultant and web content writer since 1999. My business, began in Dunnville, Kentucky (Casey County) and has served clients in 28 states across the United States and international clients in Asia, Canada, Spain, Bermuda, and the UK. Continue reading