My Mother Quilts

One of my mother's quiltsMy Mother is an anomaly. She makes beautiful quilts by hand — pre-machine style.

She’s not unusual because she quilts… or crochets… Not because she embroidered bluebirds of happiness on my pillowcases when I was a child — and a red heart on my undershirt for Valentine’s Day.

Not because she would celebrate every holiday in grand style…even the “smaller” holidays like George Washington’s Birthday (a holiday most people ignored then and lump into the generic “president’s day” now).

It’s the WAY she does things that makes her unique. Continue reading

Mrs. Betty’s Country Cooking is Better than OK

Betty's OK Country Cooking in Corbin, Kentucky

A treasure is sparkling just outside of Corbin, in Columbia, Kentucky. It’s a little country eatery called “Betty’s OK Country Cooking” and the food there… well, it’s just amazing!

When we discovered it, on a Saturday afternoon, we were looking for someplace interesting, different, and local for dinner. We hit the jackpot! Continue reading

Are eCigarettes a Real Option for Smokers?

e-cigarette vaporBack in January, the Honey Badger quit saying that my horrible habit didn’t bother him. In fact, he complained that I was concerned about HIS health and what he ate and the number of sodas he drank, and yet I was still puffing away on my vice.

He asked me to quit and I told him that I’d give it my best shot. He went a step further and bought me an e-cig at a convenience store to try. I agreed, but, honestly, I hated it.

So he went to the Internet and started doing research to help encourage me. He said that the e-cigs were free of all the chemicals I was currently inhaling (except for nicotine). Armed with his chemistry degree and his experience in the medical industry, he was pretty convincing. He said that the “vapor” was basically water and glycerine. He asked me to try another brand of e-cig and when I agreed, he went back to his research. A few hours later he came to me with his findings. Continue reading

Time for a Face Lift

new yearIt never fails, a new year approaches and I’m ready to update the look and feel of the websites. I’m considering a few fairly awesome paid templates to customize WickedBlog, WickedWriter and LivingSmall into a more coordinated online effort.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from anyone who has successfully located a beautiful, easy-to-customize and SEO calibrated theme. If you are willing to share your secrets with me (and my readers), step up!


A little over a year ago, I had my schedule figured out. You know, the ideal schedule… one where I worked a reasonable number of hours (a new concept to me prior to that time) and took some personal time. It was a sweet there for a few months.

Now, I feel like my schedule is steam-rolling my life. (More like other people’s needs are trumping my own.) I don’t care much for the condition of my little cabin. I don’t like the sheer mass of “stuff” I’ve accumulated in the last couple years. I don’t care much for the low-quality junk food I’m consuming. I don’t care much for the hours I’m keeping. I’m not particularly happy with the decisions I’ve made — or rather the place I’ve found myself as a result of NOT making decisions, and letting myself be pulled this way and that.

So I have to scratch my head and try to figure out how and why I let this go awry. And, I have to fix it. NOW. It’s November and I’ve never been very good at starting a new year on a bad foot. I want things organized and planned and organized and clean and… did I mention organized?… by the time January 1 rolls around. I get this disease from my mother. It’s kind of a curse.

At least once a year I’m extremely organized, or horribly depressed… depending on what I do in the few weeks preceding the fateful date. So, the question is… what will it be this year? Organized, on track and happy… or miserable?

I think it’s time to get busy…