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My personal stuff including my lifestyle and philosophical ruminations, the parenting path (the hardest job I’ve ever had – and I’ve had some challenging ones). Beware of regular rants and the occasional “I’m beaming with pride” raves about my offspring and others.

I’m personally concerned (and in a state of constant consternation) with the evaporation of personal freedoms and rights, the lack of privacy in this country, issues of national security and the way these issues are handled, protected and dissolved. As such, I also write about the state of politics in America — and seldom in glowing terms.

I love mom jeans!

In Praise of “Mom” Jeans

I started this particular blog topic some time ago, in direct opposition to the proliferation of crack I see displayed out in …

One of my mother's quilts

My Mother Quilts

My Mother is an anomaly. She makes beautiful quilts by hand — pre-machine style. She’s not unusual because she quilts… or crochets… Not …

new year

Time for a Face Lift

It never fails, a new year approaches and I’m ready to update the look and feel of the websites. I’m considering a …