Big Creativity: Writers in Small Spaces

Creative Space for WritersI just adore this concept for getting a full library into a small space. This space, specifically, is a writer’s nook. Designed by Travis Price Architects, It offers an open floorplan for the creative process, good natural light and access to all the writer’s favorite books (without having them too close, or too tempting when kicking the can about writing that next chapter).

All the inspiration, none of the temptation. It’s almost like a “thought bubble” of books above the writer’s head. I love it. Simply awesome!

Spy Chocolate: Is Your Candy Stalking You?

Does this chocolate look like a spy to you?I think I’ve had my last Nestle candy bar… EVER… (and I LOVE Crunch bars and KitKat). I’d like to blame the candy company… but I’m sure some idiotic PR person thought this idea was an AWESOME blend of cool cutting edge technology that would give them a lot of play in the media. Well, they were half right…

Nestle is tracking their winning candy bars (and customers) with GPS mini-chips. If that isn’t bad enough, they are calling it the “We Will Find You” campaign. Creeped out yet? No?!?!? Well… there’s more…

When the wrapper is opened, the GPS alarms and “alert a secret control room who will scramble a crack team of highly trained individuals… They will board a helicopter, find the special bar and give the owner 10,000 pounds ($16,145).”

This is only in the UK (as far as we know) and there are six of these little buggers out there. Like I said, I’m done with Nestle now. It’s just too creepy for words. It’s bad enough that I have to worry about this kind of crap from my government and now I have to be suspect of my chocolate?!?! That’s unconscionable.

My New Wicked Hoodies!

Ok, I’m going to take a moment to brag about my latest acquisitions. I just received these two hoodies. One classic gray heather with a pouch-pocket, the second a zip-front one in black. Both “branded” with my info (of course) and both came from (You can go design your own, if you like!)

I’m looking forward to wearing them both this fall and winter. Right now, I only slip them on when the boyfriend is freezing me with overly exuberant air conditioning tendencies.

iMarriage: When people let you down, objectify your love


I must admit I’m absolutely floored by this concept, but apparently it’s not that new. Sure, I say I love my iPhone and my iPad and my MacBook — I’ve said the same about some other gadgets throughout the years. But, I have ALWAYS meant it in a purely platonic way. I swear.

Apparently, others have a much deeper relationship with their things.  People known as “objectophiles” or “objectum sexuals” believe in reciprocal loving, sexual relationships with inanimate objects. Go figure.

(I’m sure this would complicate the whole simplicity thing and make jettisoning your stuff more difficult.) It will make me look at those with pack-rat issues in a whole new light — whether I want to or not!

And now there is a website to actually MARRY your iDevices. And a petition to sign to make the vows legal in all 50 states.

Let me just say… uh… NO.

I think I know what happened to the Cookie Monster…

Some time back, a friend told me that one of my favorite Sesame Street characters, the Cookie Monster, had been forced to go “politically correct.” She told me that he no longer went crazy for cookies, but only had them as an “occasional” treat. Now, it seems, he makes healthier choices. Now he likes fresh fruits and vegetables.

Those of you who know me, know I really like fresh, organic, and healthy foods. I preach it, walk the walk (most days) and encourage/educate others — anyone who will listen.

But, COME ON… seriously? The Cookie Monster has begun to limit and/or shun cookies? What kind of weird, whacky parallel universe have I stepped into?

Then the a couple of weeks ago, I was out “treasure hunting” with my son and we found the answer. The Cookie Monster was MURDERED! He was viciously slain and an impostor stepped into his non-existent shoes! How do I know?

Because I found proof of what happened to the original, lovable, cuddly, junk food junkie. I found the body!