Symbolism and Meaning of the Bat

I’ve always adored Halloween. That and St. Patrick’s Day have always been my favorite holidays. I know, I’m weird. I’m accustomed to getting that response. :)

My “wicked” business theme was launched back on October 31st, 2002. And, even though I have changed the business name, I managed to retain the “wicked.” I like it.  I like the double entendre of bad and good. I like that it was “born” in October. Despite the warnings I received on selecting that theme, it has served me well and continues to do so. So, even with my business I celebrate the Halloween holiday.

I’ve never really been into jack-o-lanterns or ghosts or most of the more traditional Halloween imagery… except for witches and bats. I think the witchy imagery is fun and bats… well, I find them to be intriguing animals.

This year, for Halloween, my son gave me a sterling silver bat charm. I collect sterling silver charms. (He knows I love them.) This one is amazing. It’s not a tiny little thing — it’s a full two inches long! It feels like it weighs a pound! It’s solid and three dimensional. (I’ve never liked those one-sided flat charms, I like cool ones — and this one is awesome.)

It’s in the sleeping position, all snugly wrapped up in wings and hanging upside down, shaped like a bullet. He picked it up at a Renaissance festival this summer. I’m currently wearing it on a long chain and I’m enjoying it more with each passing day.

Today, I starting wondering what attracted me to bats and decided to do a little research on symbolism. I thought I’d share my findings with you (just in case anyone else out there likes bats and isn’t sure why).

Holiday Symbolism

Bats are a common image because when this season’s bonfires are lit, it attracts the insects that, in turn, attract the bats for a feeding frenzy. Since this happens in the fall, bats are seen as a symbol of transition and change — in the season and in the human experience.

Bats represent: Social relationships, communication, motherhood

It is a symbol of communication. Native Americans observed bats to be highly social creatures with strong family ties. They are nurturing, exhibiting verbal communication, touching, and sensitivity to members of their group. Bats are sensitive to their surroundings and are seen as intuitive, with the ability to see through illusion and discern truth. Devotion of the Bat totem will never fade, encouraging the journey to achieve the highest possible potential from an individual. (Information paraphrased from this page on Animal Totems)

Since bats are the only winged creatures to suckle their young, they are also a symbol of motherhood (and by association… fertility and sexuality… which is also supported by the dwelling in caverns in the “womb” of mother earth.)

East vs. West: Symbolism of the Bat

Westerners hold a more negative view of this creature, possibly because of the dual nature of winged and mammal, or because it’s nocturnal.

Eastern cultures view the bat as a symbol of wealth, longevity, peace, good health and a good death. In China, the symbol for bat is “fu” — which is also the symbol for “good luck.”

“Sometimes four bats are shown surrounding a fifth bat or five bats circulate around a stylized symbol for longevity.  In both cases, the five bats stand for the Five Happinesses:  wealth, long life, peace, cultivation of virtue (or sometimes good health), and a good death… a Chinese bat (or simply the character for fu) will sometimes be placed upside down.  That orientation derives from the fact that the words for “upside down” and “to arrive” also sound the same in Chinese (dao), such that the upside down bat means that good luck has arrived.” (taken from this page on tattoo symbolism)

The Maya culture of Central America considers the bat a type of guardian god — a god of fire. Images of bats were used to decorate pottery and funerary urns.

A Mis-match of other interpretations of bats:

Bats are symbolic of rebirth and can mean (in dreams) that you need to release the outmoded ways of doing things to permit a new, better way to enter your life because your old habits no longer suit your new opportunities. They also demonstrate that sight with eyes is only one way to know the world.

Personally, I relate to the fact that it is naturally nocturnal and is adept at finding its way — even when things seem completely dark (and foreboding). So after a little research, the idea of rebirth, changing outmoded views, being intuitive and maternal, focusing on communication and the five happinesses — it all makes me much more happy with my fascination with these little creatures.

Other interpretations may be more “dark” and negative – but these fit my world view and the classic, traditional interpretation of bats and bat symbols make me happy. And I love my charm (thanks, sweetie!)

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  1. In the past ten years of living in this house I have not had any encounters with bats. However, last week I woke up very early one morning with a bat flying around the bedroom (I sleep with the sliding and french doors open). I took the cats out of the room, closed the door and after a few minutes it flew out.

    Today, I come into my office and there is a bat sleeping on the pelmet. It remained there even when I went out for two hours, closed the office door and opened the sliding door.

    I’ve been asking myself “why TWO bats in the space of a few days?” and the following ideas (gleaned from the internet) resonate with me:

    The animal symbolism of the bat speaks of:
    • Illusion
    • Rebirth
    • Dreams
    • Intuition
    • Initiation
    • Journeying
    • Inner Depth
    • Communication

    The Native American animal symbolism of the bat comes from a keen observation of this magnificent animal. These people recognized that the bat was highly sensitive to their surroundings and so therefore was considered a symbol of intuition, dreaming and vision. This made the bat a powerful symbol for Native American shamans and medicine people. Often the spirit of the bat would be invoked when special energy was needed, like “night-sight” which is the ability to see through illusion or ambiguity and dive straight to the truth of matters.

    The bat is a symbol of rebirth and depth because it is a creature that lives in the belly of the
    It is a symbol of communication because the Native Americans observed the bat to be a highly social creature. Indeed, the bat has strong family ties. They are very nurturing, exhibiting verbal communication, touching, and sensitivity to members of their group.
    If you have the bat as your totem you are extremely aware of your surroundings. Sometimes you can be overly sensitive to the feelings of others. Additionally, you are quite perceptive on a psychic level, and are prone to have prophetic dreams.

    If you work with the bat as your totem, you will be put to the test, because it is demands only 100% commitment to spiritual growth. The bat will never accept half-hearted or lukewarm attempts at self-improvement. Indeed, if the bat senses that you are slacking in your psychic/spiritual training it will likely move on to someone else who is more willing to learn the lessons the bat has to offer.
    As with most of our hardest challenges, working with the demanding bat will reap some of the most profound rewards you could ever dream of. But be warned, the bat asks a lot of us, like:
    • Dying to our ego
    • Loving our enemies as ourselves
    • Going within to touch our inner demons
    • Exploring the underworlds of reality (which can be scary)
    • Renewing our thoughts and beliefs on a moment-to-moment basis

    The bat is the climax of creation in many things, highly developed in brain, marvelously keen in senses, clad in exquisite fur, and equipped, above all, with the crowning glory of flight.

    Bats are symbols of rebirth – the facing of fears and being reborn. Through this we learn to release fear and anything which does not fit with our new growth.

    To the the Chinese, the bat symbolized good fortune and great happiness. They also maintained that the bat flies head downwards because of the weight of its brains. Mayans saw them as symbols of initiation and rebirth. The have also been viewed as miniature dragons.

    A book called Popol Vuh was discovered in the 17th century. In is is a tale of two brothers who were being tested. One test took them to a labyrinth of huge bats overseen by Camazotz, the god of the bats. He had the body of a human, the head and wings of a bat, and carried a great sword by which he would decapitate unwary wanderers. It is a symbolic story, with imagery that reflects transition. It implies a loss of faculties if someone is unwary of the changes of transition. It also holds the promise of rebirth and coming out of darkness.

    The bat is a symbol of the challenge to let go of the old and create the new – death and rebirth. To many this is distressing, thus so much negativity around it. They symbolize the facing of fears – entering the dark on the way to the light.

    Bats as totems represent an ability to discern the hidden messages and implications of other people’s words. Listen as much to what is not being said. Trust your instincts. The nose is the organ of discrimination, and with its sonar located in its nose, the bat reflects the ability to discriminate and discern the truth in other people’s words.

    Eastern cultures view the bat as a symbol of wealth, longevity, peace, good health and a good death. In China, the symbol for bat is “fu” — which is also the symbol for “good luck.” If one ever flies into your home, you won’t want to do any harm to it cause it brings you luck!

    Two bats “shuang1 fu2” 双福 means double luck. A design of two bats with a scepter ru2 yi4 means “double happiness as wished”.

    Since bats are the only winged creatures to suckle their young, they are also a symbol of motherhood (and by association… fertility and sexuality… which is also supported by the dwelling in caverns in the “womb” of mother earth.)

  2. A bat came into my room, but he died in my room. Can i know what this mean please?

  3. Hi… a bat fly into my room last month, and unfortunately it was dead when my family found it… Can i know what this mean please?

  4. Sorry, I’m not a symbolism expert. I think with the information you can find, and your own life situation, you will probably find the meaning you need. Only you are the expert in your own life. :)

  5. Found this blog whilst googling bat symbolism and found it very informative. I have been fascinated with bats for a couple of years now. It seems like the most memorable events of my life are linked to them in some way. I got my first tattoo, of a bat, a couple of months ago to celebrate this. : )

    I love your necklace, it’s very beautiful. I’m still trying to find out why I adore these creatures so much as nothing seems to have ‘clicked’ yet, but I intend to keep looking!

  6. I’ve loved bats for most of my life always wondering how people can be scared of these adorable little critters… I treated myself to a bat silhouette on the back of my neck on Saturday. Lots of people think I am mad but I couldn’t give a stuff what they think!
    Now I’ve read the info on bats here it makes it even more special for me.
    Thanks so much!!
    Claire x

  7. Hi there
    I had the most bizare bat experience on my way home from work late (like 1am) the other night. I was driving and had was just around the corner from home when there was a gust of wind and, a with a thud, something hit my cars bonnet. I could see that something had landed, but not fallen off the hood of my car so I pulled over to see what it was. It was a dead bat!! I checked and the cute creature was absolutely dead, and not breathing at all. The bat had not died by hitting my car, but rather died and fell out of the sky and landed on my car. I drove carefully home, the bat stayed put until I removed it the next morning, it had an injury on its back, as though maybe an owl had caught, killed and accidently dropped it.
    Even stranger is that the exact location of the incident is the same place that about 2 months prior I had also been driving home late and a small buck had stopped me by standing in the road, it would not move. I eventually got out of my car and the buck sauntered back into the bush in the direction it had come!!
    What does this all mean?
    Because the bat was dead is it the opposite meaning of a sighting of a live one?
    It was very freaky!

  8. Do you by chance know where your son got the charm? I collect all things Halloween and I would love to add it my collect. If you know where I can purchase one please email me at (email withheld for publication)
    thank you!

  9. Very informative article – one that I was looking for! I had a very strange dream about bat last night and needed some direction for interpretation. thank you for puting it all together and sharing :)

  10. Great bat symbolism info… I too went in search of this creature’s symbolic meaning after finding one who had perished in the seeds of a burdock plant. I was checking to see if the roots and seeds were ready for harvest and noticed first the wing and then saw that it must of gotten stuck in the velcro-like seeds. Although found dead I do still believe it to be a positive message, which I will continue to “investigate”…. thanks for the sharing.

  11. Went walking with a girlfriend and saw a bat circle above me..I commented that means something.. I will have to check it out..The next day the same thing happened then the day after that. I pay attention especially after 2 birds hit the window and died a week before my father and grandfather died. My brother had frequented me by sending humming birds after dying in Irag. I appreciate the messages shared hear and my views of bats have changed. I hope to get and live there quiet way…keep blogging sister of the bat

  12. ayudenme!!! para empezar mi casa siempre esta cerrada y no tengo lugares pequeños donde un murcielago pueda entrar, la verdad aca casi no hay, y hoy encontre uno en mi lava manos, estaba vivo, pero no se que segnica (sera algo bueno o malo)

  13. Hi,
    I am in great transformation in my life and career….ending a business lost it and going in a new direction. I am very sensitive and physic. I have been struggling as to open myself further in my physic abilities. This morning I went in the attic and my husband found a dead bat hanging on the long string to the lightbulb over the pull down stairs.
    His wings half extended out and his head up. Just in the center of the attic center of house.
    What does that mean? He is in the center of my house where in Feng Shui a karmic line runs full of spirits. YES it sounds crazy but, it is what it is here!

  14. Diana –

    I wish I could help you interpret, but that’s really not my area of expertise. I do wish you well in your new endeavors and hope you find your own personal center in the New Year.


  15. Mar –

    My Spanish is beyond rusty… so bear with me. Since the bat in your sink was alive, I do hope you were able to capture and release it without incident. When in doubt, I always prefer to see things as good omens, rather than bad. ;)

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  17. Hi,
    Nice to hear all these interesting stories about bats. I had one encounter with bat recently. I t was quite scary… My colleagues and I were in the living room of a so-called ‘haunted’ hostel busy doing reports. We were told that the ghosts in this hostel like to disguise as bats. Suddenly, one of them screamed and cried out loud, “Bat! Bat!”. Others were all alert and tried to get away from the bat, except me, still concentrating doing report, but I felt that as though someone was trowing a soft toy towards me. Actually, the bat had already landed on my head. After a few seconds ( I don’t know why my response was so slow), I ran and screamed towards my colleagues. The frightened bat was flying here and there trying to escape. Everyone saw the bat flying towards a folded carpet. One of my colleague stepped on the carpet trying to kill the bat. On opening the carpet, we could not find any dead bat!! It just diminished in the air…. Can anyone tell me what does this mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. We had a bat in our house last night which really riled up the household. Other than rabies, I am not afraid bats. In fact, I really want to believe they ARE a sign of good fortune. Hubby didn’t react quick the same way and after a frantic half hour was able to get the bat out. Just hope he didn’t hurt the poor thing.
    I truly could use good luck right now….(sigh)

  19. Hi,

    I stumbled upon your blog after doing a search on the meaning of bats that come into home. I am a believer in superstitions and the like. Last night we had an encounter with a bat in our bedroom. I heard some noises earlier and thought it might have been our cat and fell back to sleep. Well at about 5 in the morning I heard restling, flitering sounds near the window and got up quick to turn the light on. To my surprise it was a bat! After trying to figure out how we were going to get the thing back outside, I took out the window screen hoping it would fly out but it didn’t so we ended up using a fishing net and my husband caught it and let it go out the window. We don’t have a clue how the bat came inside. We have lived here for 14 years and never had a bat in the house. There are however, some bats probably 5-6 living under the eaves of our house. I’m thinking that it may have came through the window opening where our air conditioner is,there is a “spongy” strip that we put in the opening down where the two windows meet,I checked today and it seemed kind of loose, so that could be where it got in. I have put duck tape all along the opening now.
    Anyways, I like bats and don’t mind them living under the eaves but don’t want then to come inside. Your blog was a good read and kind of comforts me knowing the symbolism they bring. :)

  20. Angela,
    Thank you for posting your Blog about bats. I learned a lot from it. I found your blog when I did a Google search for “symbolism of bats.” I was prompted to find some information about bats after my son showed me a baseball hat with the picture of a bat and told me that he wants to get the hat. After asking him why he would want to wear a hat with the picture of an ugly bat, I decided that I need to learn more about the ugly creature I have feared all my life.
    When I was growing up, the perception I had of bats was ugly, scary, nocturnal-flying creatures. I was told by my playmates that they are “duppies (another name for ghost).” This seems ignorant to me now, but that was my reality then. When I visited caves and saw bats flying around, they give me the creep.
    Now that I know that dead people do not turn into bats, but are rather sleeping in their graves (Daniel 12:2). I see the ugly bats in a different “light” though they live in the dark. Whenever I am impressed to do a study, I always want to know what the Bible has to say about the topic I am researching. As I often do, I went to my Bible and the Internet.
    Here is what I found: The only place in the Bible I found the name bat specifically mentioned is in Isaiah Chapter 2:20. However the bat is counted among a list of unclean animals listed in the Bible. If interested you may read more in Leviticus Chapter 11 and Deuteronomy, Chapter 12.
    I also stumbled on this interesting comment: “In Biblical tradition, bats were believed to be messengers of Satan. The Puritans believed that if a bat flew close to someone, somebody was trying to bewitch them”, (
    Another website had this to say, “Much folklore around the world has cast the bat in a bad role. Perhaps the most familiar of this folklore to us in Western culture are the medieval witchcraft texts that described bats as familiars for witches and the old European lore which associated bats with vampires. Curiously, the old European association of bats to vampires occurred long before Europeans discovered the existence of the less common species of vampire bats in South America (the only continent where vampire bats are found). Also, note that the bat’s “evil” reputation from those medieval texts clung to it far into the modern day, while cats, which got the same bad reputation in those texts, have since been redeemed and thrown in the “cute” category (going by popular generalizations, that is.) So, how did bats come to be seen as so “evil?” The prevailing theory seems to be that since bats are mostly nocturnal animals and would stay away from people, people simply were not familiar with these creatures, and often what is unfamiliar is misunderstood” (
    I just wonder if the belief I held about bats stemmed from the Europeans theory, since Jamaica only gained its Independence from Great Britain 9162. My approach to all of God’s creation is intrigue, amazement and appreciation.
    Pauline Lewinson

  21. My 8 year old son was doing a project in school about bats and got very involved in this project. He came home one evening with his finished project and we put the picture of a bat he had drawn the fridge. At 2 in the morning my foster daughter ran into our bedroom screaming that there was a bat in her room. We went to the room and carefully removed the bat. This incident is huge as in the 11 years we are living in this house we have never seen a bat let alone one arriving into our house the day our your child brought home his project. what can this mean??

  22. On the monument of Matthew Fountain Maury on Monument Ave. In Richmond ,Vir. There are 4 bat symbols! Any “clue” in which this means?

  23. Interesting…I meditate in my dining room as its quiet and calming. I never leave the door open its not a room thats regularly used. I lit my candles and incense went to close the curtains looked up and saw baby bat hanging on top of curtain. Being the worlds greatest coward iblew out candles and swiftly left the room and rang my son who gently coaxed it into a shoe box with the tiniest slit for breathing.Leave it in the kitchen and release tonight. I couldnt stand the thought of it getting out so put outside on top of dustbin for my friend to release. When she went to box it had gone i went all unnecessary thinking it may be in my house….eeek Dont understand how it got there but have not felt myself,emotions surfacing at a rate of knots,feel like am losing the plot but maybe rebirth. Hope so and am not going batty !!!!!

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  25. my mom passed away 4months ago n recently(4days ago to be exact). yr article says rebirth? could it be my mother? i miss her so much.

  26. I’m sorry i got distracted while typing

    bats started to come by th verdardh 4 days ago.. what does that mean can sm1 tell me. i would very much appreciate it

  27. i had the same encounter with a bat in daytime … it was a strange day for me … i fell on my knees and had to go home to wear a new jeans … while driving home out of no where a bat hitt the front glass of my car … was very weired .. i’ve never seen a bat in our area … and i dunno where the hell it came from

  28. This was really interesting and very helpful- I’m doing a project on the spiritual meaning of bats because i was so intrigued by the medicine card for the bat (rebirth) and this answered all questions I had. The project is for finding my power ally and before I even read your post I was thinking about how I see less with my eyes than I do with my heart, and I instantly thought of what a night person i am. It was really helpful to know that they are used as social symbols as well. I feel even more connected to bats now than before!

  29. I have just ( I mean in the last few minutes) found a baby bat hanging, stuck in the crack of the trap door that opens up to the cupola, adjacent to my attic. Hours earlier I heard a strange chirping noise coming from the general area and while it didn’t sound like baby birds, it did remind me of a baby animal. I went to bed. About 45 minutes ago, the “chirping” became very loud and I went out onto the landing and looked up at the door – there was some strange debris hanging out the crack. I thought it was leaf at first, Then it sunk in – it was a tiny baby bat stuck half in and half out!!!! I have always loved bats, since I was a kid and used to love to see them hanging in caves or flying through the yard at night. However, I never really wanted to have to rescue one in my apartment at 3 am… A quick web search told me to take it outside and not to touch it. I had it in a stationary box in my bathroom as I looked for answers. What a darling little thing! I went back out and checked on him. He had made it to outside of the box and was still chirping. I hope the mama finds it. I would hate for anything bad to happen to the little guy. Of course, the local wildlife agency is closed and I can’t do anything to help it until morning. (Hope it lasts with no mama attention.) I really enjoyed reading what you had to say about the symbolism. I already knew some of it, but not about the re-birth. And the crazy thing? I have been diligently trying to begin a new life and moving into this apartment, in the top of a huge Victorian house! I basically quit my job and convinced my boyfriend to relocate with me. !!!! And, I just walked past the cupola door and I heard more chirping. (This time I latched the door, making sure it was closed all the way!)

  30. My 3 year old daughter tells me she sees a bat in her room at night. There is definitely no real bats in there! What does this mean?

  31. I’m not sure, but maybe you should read to her about bats, so she’s not worried about them. They are often seen as scary creatures, when actually they are not. A little education may quell her fears.

  32. where i live outside my frunt door theres bat flying round me really close i love it…I make noises wishing thay would land on me thay come close enough tho ;-)

  33. i was praying at my table. behind me i heard some noise, like dripping water or so. before blowing out the candle, i thought i take a tarot card for my sleep. i never do this before sleep. i draw the tower, which relates to loss of ego, sort of rebirth, with different aim in life.
    then blow of the candle, touch the curtain to close the window a little and suddenly something flying. i turn on the light, as i know immediatelly its a bad and made me a bit uncomfortable. it can radar me, but i cant see..
    1-2 bats , i dont know, but i saw one hanging on the curtain, disturbed and a bit nervous. it was looking for a safe corner somewhere at the curtain.
    the window was closed, i closed it 2 hours before.
    outside it was raining the whole day. bats hate rain.
    i checked the rest of my room, seems no other one,but in the curtain i guess there Are more. i live in beijing and i m on 26 th floor.
    they found a safe corner to hide from the rain, as. i have lots of plants and moist spray everyday.
    when i go to bed, i can close the sliding doors, i hear some high sound. i thought, maybe dont like the window opwn, so i move it slowly to close it a bit, that they are not too much disturbed from the rain. but a very loud noise let me stop the movement of the window.
    since them they/ it are quiet and i guess sleeping.
    i also hide in my room and imexpect they will stay for few days, as the weatherforcast is not too good these days..
    i cant kick them out, so i told them, you can stay as long as u like.
    now its time to sleep and i should also turn off the light, not to bother them anymore cos of the light shining through the sliding door windows.
    rebirth – so it means i m reborn as a vampire tomorrow?
    lets see what the night brings.

    recently i also noticed a spider at my home. have never seen spiders in modern apartments just 2 years old… how they come to 26th floor, thats a long walk.. haha
    good night

  34. For some unknown reason to me bats stay around my head if i go outside at night & they will also dive at me . Why might they do this & what can I do so that they’ll leave me alone when i go to friends houses or my own for that matter?

  35. i just had a bat in my bedroom funny thing is that it was flying all around my light ppl say they dont like lights i am intuative and can sometimes see things so my son came to take it out of my room and then said mom are u sure ur not seeing things\. I freaked out cause it could get tangled up in my hair i was crying and so upset ..i then thought about looking for the meaning but i am still scared it is still in my bed room. the whole city i live in has had problems with bats in the houses. I called 911 and they said open window and turn on bright light they dont like them but this one was flying around a 100 wate light my god what do i do now they cant find it what if it is under my bed i am so scared of them a bit calm now but towel on the bottom of the door baby gate in front of it and a tie off rope on the door handle ..this all sounds safe right but umm i know so suire where it went so i am freaking out still it likes light ….i am awake now for a while tonight but the meanings are very cool but still am afraid …I have seen some scary things but when a bat looks u right in the eyes that is very scary i pray it is good luck and long life ..and good health i am in a new transition out with the old in with the new 10 years of being with someone and i left seven months ago so hope this is good luck for me ty and ty again for reading my story….

  36. my husband and myself came home to find a bat in our house, my husband chaced the bat around the house until he cornered it. it fell to the floor, he hit it about five times with a broom until it screeching and layed motionless.he then picked it up with a paper towel and put it in the trash outside.dose that mean i will have bad luck.

  37. I’m not a bat expert, nor a bad luck expert… I just did a little research on this some time back when I wrote the blog. I do have to admit that your decision to bludgeoning an animal to death, instead of opening a door and shooing it out, made me glad you are worried about having bad luck as a result.

  38. This info was very very useful. thank you so much. I’ve seen two bats in my living room in a span of two days in my 18 years of living here. Love and Light to you dear. :)

  39. Wow thanks!, bats in my area have been going crazy all through the night. And this helps alot, bats symbolize change and a changes to come, also the number five represents changes! Beautiful Im ready for these beautiful changes, encourages me to make more….

  40. I’m glad I found a positive interpretation on here about bats. I dreamt of 2 bats being outside my house. In my dream I was scared of them coming in the house. I’m scared of bats in waking life too. When I looked up the interpretation for bats it was very upsetting for me. Most of the sites I went on said it meant impending personal tragedy as well as death of a child. This almost brought me to tears because I have a 15 month old son who is my whole world. I also had an early miscarriage this year which has been hard and I have been unsuccessful at being able to get pregnant since then. So now I’m worried maybe this dream means if I get pregnant again I’ll miscarry.
    I look up meanings of my dreams quite frequently and this is the first time I’ve had such a negative interpretation outside of what’s on this site. I can’t help, but still feel very upset and worried about what those other sites say this dream means.

  41. I was curious about a dream I had of being in my back yard on a nice day watering my plants a bad storm was on its way and I saw a big tower and a big wide dark orange tornatoe was wrapping around it so I ran in my house and looked out my sliding door and saw two bat’s flying in slow motion on the back patioe. I have pretty much found out what that means and appriciate this site. thank you

  42. I’m not sure how to interpret a dream I just had with dead bats. The bats were hanging upside down but they were caught in a spider web, but both the bats and spiders where dead. I was holding some sort of object that I used against the web which caused the bats to break in half and fall to the ground. As soon as I woke up it made me feel worried.

  43. I really enjoyed reading all of the symbolism regarding bats. When I was about 4 years old, my grandfather, noticing my enthusiastic interest in the mother bats and their babies that lived behind his shutters, caught a baby one for me and gave it to me as a pet. He made me wear leather gloves when handling it, and taught me to feed it with an eye dropper. My grandfather was a forest ranger and loved nature, and this was his way of teaching me not to fear bats, although you must be cautious because of the possibility of rabies. I loved that bat ! My sisters remember me walking around with the bat on my shoulder, it twittering away at me. In retrospect it seems cruel to have removed it from it’s mother, and I’m sure it probably didn’t survive long. But as a result of that experience, as an adult I’ve had the opportunity to rescue bats from certain death on several occasions. And once , when I was speeding along on my bicycle at twilight, I realized that two bats were keeping pace , winging along beside me ! So the friendship forged so long ago in the 1950′s , has remained solid down through the years. Recently I have observed ” bat images ” showing up in my life in unusual ways ( such as in the coffee grounds in my mug), which led me to read your column , for although I was familiar with the western preoccupation of seeing bats as evil, dark omens, this just didn’t jive with my experience of the living creatures. ( Besides, they remind me of my grandfather, whom I adored.) I knew the Chinese considered them to be lucky. Thankyou for making alternate viewpoints, and specifically the First Nations / Native American viewpoint, available to others. I have found the comments of your readers quite interesting, and I now have lots to think about !

  44. I have a white cat who is a kitten (he is 8 months old now but he is still a kitten to me). This afternoon I had a feeling that I needed to go and see where he was up to and found him looking a long curtain in our house. I thought it was a big black moth he was looking at but on a closer look it was a little bat climbing up the curtain. It was so small. I gentle placed him in my hand, and it was not scared and let me help, so I took him to our big bushy fir free and he climbed up it to a safe spot. It was a very calming and happy experience and in my mind I said a little pray that that this fantastic creature would survive and have many other little batletts.

    I suppose its not unusual as we live in the countryside in the UK and have bats in the attic but to hold one in your hands and it not be in any distress is so lovely. Anyway, to cut this ramble short, I have always had a strange sense of hearing where I can hear the bats call when they fly during dusk hours (and those audible recordings they play outside shops, which is a high pitch frequency to deter kid from hanging outside them….that noise is horrible and hurts my ears).

    I hope the little bat is a good sign and brings us some good tidings….God knows we can do with it. What do you think?

    With love to you C x

  45. Thank you for all of this great information!

    I got home tonight and a bat was flying round my living room. It must’ve gotten in through the chimney. I still find it crazy that it was able to get in that way.

    Exactly a week ago, a butterfly landed on me. These transformation interpretations really speak to me!
    Jill recently posted..Time to Make the Doughnuts…

  46. Dear Clare –

    Thank you for sharing your experience! I’m a little jealous… it sounds like an amazing thing. I’m absolutely sure this is a good omen.


  47. Dear Jill –

    Thank you for visiting! I’m glad you are sensitive to your surroundings and find positive ways to view the little joys in life.


  48. I am a very spiritual person and recently have had tradgedy struck and so you know I have been praying alot because God is where I get my strength to go on. This morning I turned the tv on and began praying with a man on tv and it felt genuine. This morning I went outside to water my plants and there were 2 bats lying on the driveway, one upside down, alive! I moved them with a shovel and one flew away. The other one, upside down needed alittle help so I turned him over and as I was beginning to take a picture he flew away. It was beautiful and it made me come on the internet to find out what this may mean. Thank you so much for your positive words of what this may mean. I have lived in this house for 4 years now, and I have seen so much beauty in nature its crazy. When I first moved her 2 white skreaching owls lived in the tree nearby and I would watch them almost every night, it was beautiful. Thank you

  49. Good site here, insightful.
    I was allarmed to see how many people had cavalierlyl picked up these dead bats. Do you not know that if a bat dies for no apparent reason it is most likely sick with rabies? A low percentage of bats carry rabies in MOST states, high in some others. But bats that weirdlyl contact people , and bats that are found dead are almost guaranteed to have rabies!!!
    GET THE SHOTS PEOPLE! It could be too late for these dear souls, or hopefully they did not touch the bats with their hands, b ut GET THE SHOTS! they are simple and quite painless, in the arm, not in the stomach as in the old days. GET RABIES SHOTS!!! Rabies does not play the game and if you roll the dice with it, you are DEAD unless you get the shots. I just got them and i am fine,after an ( no doubt ill) bat flew into my face three nights ago. Still have four to go. thank God for the shots!

  50. This was really cool to read about thank you for sharing. It was also helpful, because lately there have been bats everywhere I go especially in the evening. They’ve gotten so close while flying that I could have reached out and touched them. My one friend was extremely bothered, but I was excited I’ve always had a strange love for bats so reading about your story was very insightful. Thank you for posting it.

  51. Although not as alarmist as you, you make an excellent point about being careful with ANY wild animal. It would be hard to determine “cause of death” by a lay person — but taking precautions is always a good idea. I love bats, but I wouldn’t pick up the body of a wild dead animal with bare hands ever. I also wouldn’t try to “catch” one with my bare hands (I learned that lesson by actually catching a field mouse once when I was a kid — it bit a hole in my finger!) I’ve not done anything like that since. I do catch wild snakes from time to time, but with proper (and safe) methods — and I’m well aware of how to discern the poisonous ones. All animals in the wild can be respected and revered and enjoyed without direct contact. If you do come into contact with a wild animal without proper protective gear and have a concern, contact your local animal control agency for information on what your next steps should be.

    Be safe and enjoy all forms of nature, folks. Blessings.

  52. About a year and a half ago at roughly 3.00 am, I was sitting on my steps having a smoke,suddenly this huge bat flew right up to my face, I mean within a foot,it startled me a bit but didn’t scare me{I am Neo Pagan and have been initiated by a high Priest into Wicca},it was so close to my face that I leaned back,in perfect sync that bat stayed the same distance, flying closer to my face,i still had no fear but was startled, I swear the wingspan was almost 3′, within 45 seconds or so it flew away.I have had many encounters with other animals but I don’t know the meaning of this?

  53. I am unsure how a bat, dog, dragon tiger, kangaroo or whatever can mean or symbolize or represent anything for one group of ppl without it being made so by a large populace?

    I mean, we see, represent, transcode and comprehend the world as individuals uniquely. For me, a bat symbolises The Batman’s justice or Dracula’s poor horror films.

  54. We live on the Eastern Shore of MD. This winter solstice (12/21/2013 which felt like a spring soltice.. sunny and warm) we saw a bat with dark wings and reddish brown body flying around the yard in the daytime.

    What does it mean of you see a bat during the day?

  55. Some people assume that seeing a bat during the daylight hours means there is something wrong with the animal. That’s not the case. It may have been physically disturbed from it’s normal sleeping place, or it may have been jarred awake by a loud noise or an unusual occurrence (out of the norm for its schedule, anyway).


  57. well i have irish blood in ne im also from australia born and bread the bats are always around me.wen i talk thoughts to god but they also are a part if the.mighty dragon family to it get weirder when u see with ur.own eyes how.bats belong to the almight dragon spirit fear only bone deep my friends ?!

  58. After going onto yahoo to find out the meaning of my dream regarding bats; I am so glad I stumble onto your site after reading a few others. Thank you. I knew my dream of the little bat that landed on my outstretched arm was not a sign of bad things to come. The little bat was too friendly, plus where I was sitting in my dream beside a tranquil lake late afternoon.

  59. A bat came into the house and was on the wall upside down. What does this mean…

  60. I went looking on the internet to find out the symbolism of Bats. My fiancé and I were talking with her parents this morning in the kitchen, they are from Mexico and have been living with us for a little over a year. They were saying they wanted to start a catering business specializing in Mexican food out of our house. I told them I thought it was a good idea. About 30 minutes later there was a bat hanging from the outside of our kitchen window. Based on what I read above I think it might be an omen that the catering would be a good change/transition to new start for them.

  61. I went outside last night. I saw a bat or at least I thought it was. Then 15 mins later went out side as soon as I went outside the indeed it was a bat screamed ran inside. I was so scared. My mother just passed away 6 months ago. I’m really going threw a sad time and also a lot of changes. This blog has helped me to look at the positive side a bit. Is there any anything you can add to help me? Thank you in advance.

  62. I’m so sorry for your loss, Erin. Times of change are always difficult, even when the change is good. It’s harder when the change is the result of sad situations, like yours.

    You should know that each ending chapter in life heralds a new, unknown chapter. Approach that new chapter with excitement and anticipation. Life is a journey that takes many twists and turns — the discovery of your own, personal journey is the point. Enjoy each day. Reflect on what is good, forget what is bad, keep good people and good situations alive in your memory and forgive those who make life more challenging. Know that you are strong and capable and that you will be fine.

    See the good in omens and signs — like you have. Be happy. It’s a decision, not an accident. :) *hugs*

  63. A bat was flying in my bedroom this morning. I am so afraid to go back to sleep. I enjoyed your blog.

  64. I rarely have personal encounters with bats other than taking my dog out to the wooded areas of a park in the late evening and letting him run around and we see a few bats flying over our heads between the trees and lights…

    But last night, I went out on my porch to cat-watch (strange, yes, lol) and a couple bats flew out of nowhere and it seemed like every chance they got, they would fly closer to me. And I’ve never seen bats around my house. I freaked out and went back into the house, but I knew it was some sort of sign as the whole day was full of animal totem energy… But this situation was just rare and bizarre. It feels nice to know that I am NOT alone.

    Thanks for the info!
    P.S.: I am a Halloween baby, born one the day of “horror” and proud of it!

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