Why You Need to Connect Your Blog To Social Media

Blogs and Social Media: Keep your marketing afloatI’ll be appearing on a blogging panel for the Bluegrass Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America tomorrow — Yay!

But, there’s no way I can share all the resources new and intermediate bloggers will need in the short amount of time we will have. So… I’m sharing some of this information on my WickedBlog today to help all those bloggers and any would-be-bloggers in my wicked readership!

Are Websites and Blogs Dead?

I had someone tell me recently that social media has replaced having a website and that blogs are no longer important. I call BS on that one. Why? Because blogs and websites are the anchors to which the lofty, popular, social media balloons are attached. Without that foundation, they would just float away.

Social media is also a platform of immediacy — and can have amazing results (think of viral posts!) but like the helium that keeps any balloon afloat, it dissipates. Social media deflates quickly and is soon forgotten. The good stuff gets lost in the graveyard of ancient feeds. If you don’t stay active in social media, constantly releasing new balloons, you will get buried there. Only fresh content survives — and only briefly. Continue reading

In Praise of “Mom” Jeans

I love mom jeans!I started this particular blog topic some time ago, in direct opposition to the proliferation of crack I see displayed out in public lately. I’m so sick of seeing it. Honestly. Enough, already.

Just Say No to Crack

I started this post (although it was left in draft mode for months) because I wanted to tell my eye-rolling teenage daughter that it’s not attractive to wear pants down so low that “muffin tops” are formed on even those ladies that are of proportional weight. It’s not sexy to show butt-crack. I want to tell her that girls today no longer have a “waist” line. Instead, they have a “cut in” area just at their hips (or lower) and that it makes them funny-shaped. Continue reading

Danville KY Fairness Ordinance — and Supporters — Not Fair

Stop Passing Crap LawsI watched an interesting battle between politicians, name-calling religious zealots, pro-gay liberal progressives, and lawyers recently as the Danville, Kentucky City Commission discussed and ultimately passed the so-called “Fairness Ordinance” with a vote of 4-1 on Monday.

The alleged “pro-fairness” politicians bowed down to a local organization, Sunrise Children’s Services, and exempted them and similar religious groups from the law that is steadfast for the rest of the citizens. But, you know, money talks and when it’s going to cost to vote your beliefs, most politicians alter the language of their beliefs.They settle. It’s sad. Cowards. If it’s not fair for everyone, it’s not really fair, is it? Continue reading

The HTC One Max: A Wicked Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a month playing with the new Verizon HTC One Max.

HTC One Max from Verizon


I’ve never had a cell phone or ANY mobile device deliver the kind of booming sound this little guy packs. It’s the main thing that made me reach for it instead of my own phablet! Continue reading