Danville KY Fairness Ordinance — and Supporters — Not Fair

Stop Passing Crap LawsI watched an interesting battle between politicians, name-calling religious zealots, pro-gay liberal progressives, and lawyers recently as the Danville, Kentucky City Commission discussed and ultimately passed the so-called “Fairness Ordinance” with a vote of 4-1 on Monday.

The alleged “pro-fairness” politicians bowed down to a local organization, Sunrise Children’s Services, and exempted them and similar religious groups from the law that is steadfast for the rest of the citizens. But, you know, money talks and when it’s going to cost to vote your beliefs, most politicians alter the language of their beliefs.They settle. It’s sad. Cowards. If it’s not fair for everyone, it’s not really fair, is it? Continue reading

The HTC One Max: A Wicked Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a month playing with the new Verizon HTC One Max.

HTC One Max from Verizon


I’ve never had a cell phone or ANY mobile device deliver the kind of booming sound this little guy packs. It’s the main thing that made me reach for it instead of my own phablet! Continue reading

What Can Happen if A Blog Post Goes Viral? Here’s the Buzz!

What's all the Buzz about Viral Marketing?Soooo…last summer I wrote a blog about my Pop’s Carpenter Bee Traps that he made for me (because they were driving me CRAZY on the farm — and eating holes in my cabin!) I helped build them. Well, mostly I got in Pop’s way and made him stop repeatedly so I could take photos for my blog. You know me, I wanted to help my blog readers who might ALSO have this problem. I wanted a good, step-by-step DIY guide to help them figure out how build one for themselves!

This week, that year-old blog went viral and — suddenly — I had requests from readers to see if I would either 1.) Loan out Pops (not happening, folks) or 2.) See if he would make one, or two for them. Continue reading

Senior Real Estate Agent Resources!

Real Estate Resources for Working with Senior Citizens

Lifetime Learning

Do you work with Senior or Boomer real estate clients? Would you like a beautiful little resource on “Staying Sharp: Learning Throughout Life” to hand out to your clients or to add to your resource library? Here you go, a beautiful and PRINTABLE PDF version from AARP’s Educator Community Series. :)

Many universities and colleges embrace the retirement-aged crowd and some are working cooperatively with senior living communities across the nation. Studies indicate that education and continued mental/intellectual stimulation can prevent or slow the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s — and many of your senior clients may be interested in this research, what they can do to stay active mentally as well as physically.

You are their resource for such information (or you should be). Can you say awesome, relevant BLOG TOPICS?).

Other senior resources that may interest you and your older clients include:

If you have any resources for working with senior citizens you would like to share, please comment with the links and a short description!

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